Nola Active Wear

I could spend EVERYDAY in active wear (and I kinda do)…but to wear it for the purpose of being active requires pieces that are functional and make you feel great.  I love the Nola collection from Addition Elle.  I have a number of pieces (in doubles) because they meet all my needs…workouts, lounging, and anytime!



I am so excited to introduce my curated Choker Chick collection at SexyPlus Clothing.  I have been so obsessed with the return of this awesome 90’s trend that I didn’t take advantage of in the 1990’s because well “your neck is too fat”… Eff that!  I look great in chokers and so will you!  Grab yours and use hashtag #chokerchick…I wanna see you rock that choker!


Do you wonder why business men always looks so sharp in their suits?  This is most likely because they are wearing Made to Measure suits.  When a piece fits your body perfectly you can’t help but admire it…it is made to fit your body in every way.

eShakti offers us custom made pieces at reasonable prices as well as gives you the option to change features on the garment to make it your own.



On the eShakti website, this garment is shown sleeveless, I chose to add sleeves to use this piece for my fall wardrobe.


Picture it, driving with your guy down a picturesque road where leaves are changing to reds, oranges and browns, listening to your favourite tunes (I would probably be listening to some Motown) and you stop to grab a coffee and take an endless amount of selfies on the road side with the beautiful scenery in the background.  Perfect for your next Facebook profile pic right?